As we step into 2024, I hope everyone is feeling refreshed after your holiday break, filled with organizing and planning for the exciting year ahead.

Reflecting on 2023, my year concluded with a keen focus on two significant themes: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Copilot. The latter, especially, resonated with me. December was a tornado month – a ‘Turbo’ time, as my daughter describes me, ‘Daddy Sonic.’

One standout experience in December was attending Microsoft Ignite NL. It was my first time there, and the discussions around AI and Copilot were particularly provoking. Provoking in a sense what it will happen this year and next year, but also because i have already passed AI-900 and AI-102 this summer and already working with AI and all things around AI and i think it’s awesome.

This post is driven by three motivations. The first thing is to start the year and promise myself that this year i will have a minimum of 40 posts. Secondly, for those who are still thinking about whether should they start learning i think now It’s TIME. And Third, as we are all aware of everything so far that is happening with AI around the world, i would highly recommend to all of you to START because i think It’s TIME to catch the last train (sorry if i am too direct), i am just honest.

I want to focus specifically on the 2nd topic. For those who are still thinking or don’t know what to do and where to start. Yes, the first and most important web page that you should know and it should be your home page, MS Learn.

So for those who are following me, they know that i am a fan of mentoring/coaching people to achieve their goals (Damjan is one and Stefan is number two and a lot more) but also to guiding them where to start and that’s why i am a fan of AZ-900 and this is just because of my experience and discussions with a lot of people that are doing switch between cloud and the previous things that that they were working. So as a starting point:

AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Topics that you need to go through :

Additionally, i have sent these links a couple of times to people that want to learn but after 1 month or 2 months, they will come back with the question and what now Martin, what i need to do ?!?!

Once you have gone throw all of the links above the next is to start practicing. Microsoft from 2023 implemented something called Free Practice Assessment.

Immediately i must say this was something that is missing i must be honest. Why i am saying this because i have a very close friend who last year took an MS exam for the first time, guys you will not believe how much he was stressed.

This means that now you can practice all the time how it will be on your exam, of course it will not be the same questions, but that is how it works you start the Exam it pops up a window and you just click, click, click and pass. The Practise Assessment for AZ-900 can be found on the link below : AZ-900 Practise Assessment

Even now if you are not so confident DURING the EXAM you can open MS Learn, yeap, yeap you heard good DURING THE EXAM

So you have material for FREE, Practice Assessment for FREE and you can Open MS Learn during the EXAM for FREE, i think now is more than enough.

I hope this post first of all will motivate you to start learning because It’s TIME.

If this was not enough motivational, prepare yourself for next Monday for the biggest learning journey with me, a big announcement is coming !!!

Keep Learning and Let’s become a ROCKSTAR

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